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Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Corporate Boards – ready to unlock your true potential? eAssurance Coaching probes deep into your leadership skills. Everyone can benefit from having a coach or mentor. We provide one-on-one guidance to help you build your ultimate skillsets as a leader, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater goals. Attain the best version of yourself while succeeding in business and life.

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Self Improvement

Professionally guided self-reflection, goal setting, and action planning. Work on your professional core to boost your confidence, reach new heights, and achieve fulfillment in all areas of business and life.

Leadership Skills

Lead your pack with confidence. Improve your communication, explore effective delegation, solidify your decision-making, coach your subordinates, and learn to build better teams that align with your goals.

Business Value

Identify areas for improvement, create growth among colleagues and subordinates. Boost business valuation through your growth. Increasing the value of your company will lead to your continued success.

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Best solutions

Assured success for Entrepreneurs & Executives.

At eAssurance Coaching & Consulting, we are on a mission to help Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Corporate Boards achieve lifelong success. We work with you to develop customized strategies to help you gain confidence, overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve your goals.

  • Self-Excellence: Develop greatness within building skillsets that will ensure success now and into the future.

  • Accountability & Growth: Establish clear goals and timelines, while receiving regular feedback and support.

  • Keys to Success: See what success looks like for you. Gain clarity on your goals while creating an actionable roadmap.

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Best solutions

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Best solutions

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Manager to C.O.O.

Expanded Business Success

“David helped me believe in myself. With his coaching over the past three years I have gone from management to an executive leadership role. He helps me truly think about not just how to improve myself but how that will improve everyone around me.”


Alicia Regnier


Business Growth

“When I first met David my business was failing. I had invested everything and didn’t realize the simple things I missed. Working with David, I came up with realistic goals and changed my business model. As a result I have succeeded and went from $1.2m in debt to $10m in business profits.”


Evan Hoffman


Operating Profits Increased

“I didn’t realize how I was failing my employees, but I knew something was wrong. After coaching with David for a few months, I was able to lead my people which led to a much happier workforce and increased profits in operations by 86% in the first year alone.”


Richard Jeremy